New England Historical Connection

Tavern Supper Room Chandelier

C171-4 Sheldon Hawks House North Parlor Chandelier

WC-702 Cole Chandelier

C177A-10 Hall Tavern Ballroom Chandelier

C178-5 Wells-thorn House Keeping Room Chandelier

C176A-8 Tin Chandelier

C107B-20 Chandelier

S570LD-8 Distressed Tin, Wood-Turned Body, Tulip Drip Pans

C515L-16 Distressed Tin

C505LD-14 Distressed Tin, Wood-Painted Body

C509L-8 Distressed Tin, Wood-Turned Body

C538-8 Distressed Tin, Wood-Turned Body

C501LD-12 Distressed Tin, Wood-Turned Body

C542L-8 Distressed Tin or Brass, Wood-Turned Acorn

C518L-6 Distressed Tin

C508SLD-20 Distressed Tin, Wood Painted Body

C529L-6 Distressed Tin, Wood Turned Body

C519LD-6 Distressed Tin

C502M-8 Distressed Tin

C571S-4 Distressed Tin, Wood Turned Body, Tulip Drip Pans

C522-8 Distressed Tin with Gold Highlights

C551-6 Distressed Tin with Gold Highlights

C510-6 Distressed Tin

C515XS-4 Distressed Tin

C498L-5 Distressed Tin

C515XL-10 Distressed Tin

C515-7 Distressed Tin

Funnel Lamp

Distressed Tin or Copper

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